Reason No. 587 to Buy a Home — Pets!

Reason #587 to buy a home instead of rent? Pets are ALWAYS allowed.

Furry or feathered, warm-blooded or cold-blooded, pets give us companionship, connection, & unconditional love. Break out the chew toys, treats, and extra attention this week in honor of your furry, feathered, scaly, or … well … anything-covered best friend. They deserve it!

In celebration, of Pet Appreciation Week, here’s a spotlight featuring some of our team’s furry (and not so furry) family members:

In order of appearance:

🐶 Molly M Maguire‘s dog Lloyd & his snaggletooth
🐱 Eliana’s most snuggly, loving cat, Huey aka “Sweet Girl” and “The Snake-slayer”. Don’t let her sweetness fool you; she is ever so fierce. She hunts and full on attacks her laser, stuffed mice and platypus, and has caught a couple of snakes, too…yes, real, live gardener snakes!
🐶 Sadie “Foxy Lady” Pleggenkuhle. Jason and his family adopted her 3 years ago, and she appeared in multiple zoom calls during the pandemic. She loves having her belly rubbed each morning by Dad, and anytime she can spend jumping and snuggling Mom and the boys. Mom is definitely her favorite!
🐶 Marti’s dog Maverick may be shy seeing his own appearance but has been the office hit when he’s paid us a couple of visits!
🐱 Curvin Larson with an armful of his cute cats!🐶
🐶 Sara J. Fuller ‘s, dogs Gizmo & Gracie, who love to be front row for the lil’ space heater to keep them warm. If not there, they can be found snuggled under blankets, and they are often hard to find since they are so little!
🐱🐶 Taylor Fredrickson‘s rescued fur babies, Mojo & Jax
🦎🐱 Zach Smith’s crested gecko named Gizmo & Paisley, his very talkative cat who’s constantly trying to eat Gizmo. 😂
🐶 Katie McIntyre’s dog Butterscotch, who is usually smiling but tuckered out here from playing with her three kids

Call us today to get pre-approved, and begin your hunt for the perfect yard, sun porch or slip-free flooring for you and your best friend!

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