5 Things Every Homeowner Should Know How to Do

This whole month has felt like a polar Groundhog Day in the Midwest….

✔️ Snow
✔️ So cold the dog won’t even go outside
✔️ Grateful at least now we can get our groceries and takeout curbside!

While you’re cooped up at home, here are a couple of things to check out that are important for every homeowner to know:

1. How to Unclog a Drain

Sometimes Draino just won’t cut it, and for those times: We resort to a plunger and a drain snake. It works wonders + almost always gets the job done! 100% try this method before calling in a professional!

2. Find Wall Studs

Finding wall studs is a must-know because you’ll have to locate them before you hang anything on the wall or put in shelving. To do this easily and on-the-cheap, simply knock on the wall. If it sounds solid, there’s a stud behind it, and you shouldn’t hang your item there.

3. Replace Air Filters

Replacing air filters is an easy job that many people don’t do often enough. We recommend buying a batch of filters at once and labeling them by month so you can be reminded every 30 days to rotate them out. The more you change filters, the less likely a problem is to arise.

4. Shut Off Water

It’s wise to turn-off your water before you leave for a vacation to avoid any possible flooding or leak issues. Locate where the main water valve is in your home and turn it off like you would a normal spout.

5. Address the Squeaks

Squeaky areas can get on a person’s last nerve. Lucky for us, the solution is often as easy as some WD40. We recommend having it on hand for a multitude of reasons, but it has definitely been a saving grace in this instance.

And when you’re looking for some cash to finance your next home renovation (hello, home office upgrade!) or are ready for a new space to call “home”, we’re here for you!

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