MFLCares about MS Moments Iowa

Midwest Family Lending Corp has chosen to support MS Moments in the month of  November and we encourage you to as well.

MS Moments is an Iowa nonprofit assisting Iowa families afflicted with Multiple Sclerosis founded by Karrie Anderson after being diagnosed with MS in 2010. MS is an expensive disease and our goal is to relieve some of the financial burden for them. Nearly $.94 of every dollar donated to MS Moments is provided back to these Iowa families to provide grants for medical massage, health club memberships and acupuncture. MS Moments assists the entire family and our mission is to keep families moving! MS Moments was founded in 2015 and is helping over 50 Iowa families.

You can get involved by volunteering, participating or donating at Join us December 12th at 6:00 at the Hyperion Field Club for our Annual Dinner and Keynote where you can meet and/or learn about the families we are helping and hear our plans for 2019!

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