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In the month of September MFLCares charity is Bryce’s WarriorsYou are invited to support Bryce’s Draisey Memorial 2018 Golf Tournament on Saturday September 29th, 2019 at Terrace Hills Golf Course.  Bryce Warriors Golf form 2018 registration form.

  Bryce Draisey was a happy and presumably healthy 11-year-old boy when he was diagnosed with Dilated Cardiomyopathy in February of 2008. Over the next 2+ years, he endured several surgeries, including a heart transplant, rejection of his new heart, many hospital stays and many other health complications that arose during that time. He endured all of this believing that each day is a new one and the trials, sadness, or anger that may have happened yesterday no longer matter today. He took his health problems seriously and complied with all of his doctors’ instructions, but he also took all of it in stride most of the time. He just wanted to be a normal teenager who went to school and had fun with friends.

Bryce was proud to spread his story to as many people as he could to create awareness for organ donation. In doing this, he also spread a story of love, courage, and forgiveness that all who knew him will remember.

Bryce’s Warriors has four missions:

  • To tell Bryce Draisey’s story in hopes of raising awareness for organ donation and encouraging people to sign up to be organ donors.
  • To provide scholarships to graduating seniors at Southeast Polk High School in memory of Bryce Draisey who died of complications after a heart transplant while awaiting his second heart transplant.
  • To provide financial and emotional support to families of pediatric patients who are waiting for or have received a heart transplant.
  • To give back to other organizations who made a large impact in the life of Bryce Draisey and his family during his battle with his health and who continue to help children in need.


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