MFLCares about Wildwood Hills Ranch

Midwest Family Lending has chosen to support Wildwood Hills Ranch in the month of March and we encourage you to as well.

Nearly 9,000 Iowa youth were abused in 2017 alone. Wildwood Hills Ranch exists to help these children. They meet them all year long—they are very real, and they need our help. They didn’t choose to be born into a family where mom is so addicted she can’t wake up. Or where dad learned from his dad it’s okay to beat your kids. Or a family with no dad at all.

We invite you to put yourself in their shoes. Flee your home in the middle of the night for fear of violence. See life through the eyes of a toddler left home alone all day to fend for themselves. Wonder if you’ll ever feel loved, moving from one foster home to the next. Bathe yourself in hateful, demeaning words. These are the stories of these kids.
Their work isn’t done until all Midwestern children have the opportunity to grow into healthy adults—educated, free from poverty, safe from abuse and violence, and engaged as members of communities and nurturing families.

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