MFLCares about Puppy Jake Foundation

MFLCares May 2019 Charity is Puppy Jake Foundation. A little about Puppy Jake.. Four pillars of character about the Puppy Jake Foundation:

  • Friendly -Everybody loves dogs! There is a special warmth and joy that comes from having a four-pawed best friend by your side, and this should be embodied in all communications.
  • Fun- Dogs are energetic & spirited. Messaging should reflect the light-hearted nature and playfulness of our canine friends.
  • Compassionate- Our heroes need our help. While each experience of an American veteran is different, we are doing our best to ease the transition to their life back home and need to demonstrate unity and understanding.
  • Respectful- We owe our freedom to the brave men & women of the U.S. Armed Forces. It’s important to express our appreciation of the brave men & women who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country.

Puppy Jake Foundation is a non-profit organization focused on making our American heroes’ lives easier and more fulfilling. The Puppy Jake Foundation provides well bred, socialized and professionally trained service dogs for wounded military veterans. These high-functioning dogs help veterans who may be living with PTSD, amputations, physical disabilities or other related challenges. Puppy Jake Foundation provides service dogs at no cost to qualifying veterans. Puppy Jake Foundation’s mission starts with the support of people like you. There are three ways you can contribute: volunteer to be a trainer or sitter, attend a fundraiser and donate directly. Donations go to pay for the training, health care and food supply of service dogs. You can make donations online at Puppy Jake Foundation.

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